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NIKE AIR MAX 90 GS “VOLT” via Attic2zoo
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0 notes Erribody go to #SummerSkool 2mrrw night! Performances by @steviecrooks x @checkstub_br x @bdotwatt x @bamcirca86 & more! Go support the music talent… #SanDiego
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I thought this was the sky.

Me too.
1 note You ever wonder why some of things you asked #GOD for don’t really work out? It might be because you DOUBT what you pray for… #Jesus said YOU have to #BELIEVE, then YOU will #RECEIVE! This is something I definitely gotta work on, just thought maybe somebody else needed to see this as much as I did today…. 🙏 #Matthew 21:22 #BibleVerseofTheDay
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Are you copping?
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Argument between brothers escalates quickly